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When to do newborn photography? 👶⏰

Timing is Everything: When to Embrace Newborn Photography

HHello to our fantastic parents and soon-to-be parents! 🌟

A common question in the world of newborn photography is, "When is the best time?"

Let's unravel the magic of timing when it comes to capturing those precious first moments.

Ideally, the sweet spot for newborn photography is within the first two to four weeks of life.

During this period, babies are more likely to maintain that curled-up, sleepy pose from their time in the womb. It's a phase of pure innocence and delicacy that adds a unique charm to every frame.

At our WaitandSee Ashbourne Studio, we understand the significance of this timeframe and strive to create a cosy and nurturing environment for your newborn session.

The early days are fleeting, and capturing them at their freshest ensures the authenticity and timeless beauty of each photograph.

So, when to do newborn photography?

Aim for those first precious weeks, and let's create a visual journey that encapsulates the purity and serenity of your newborn's early days. 📸💕

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